Thursday, January 11, 2007


L.E.S. Jewels and Eddie's Mom Adele

Yes Jewels is back from Philly where he had spent 3 months or so in jail . Last August I posted a story about Jewels ("A Tough August forL.E.S. Jewels" ) and his problems here but I didn't mention that the Philadelphia Police Department would probably be after him for his part in inciting a riot at a punk rock festival (Pointless Fest 2006" ) there this last August . Jewels was I assume picked up here for some reason and later extradited to Philadelphia . Since such an " inicte to riot " charge probably carries more time than 3 months he must have pleaded to a lesser charge and received a lesser time of incarceration.

Above we see him with Adele who has probably helped him at some time in the past . Clearly the welcome home hug shows that they know each other .

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