Friday, January 12, 2007


Another Welcome for L.E.S. Jewels

In the last post we saw recently returned Jewels being welcomed back to the neighborhood by Eddie's mom , Adelle .Last night Jewels was taken into custody for a short time at the corner of 7th st. and avenue A . It seems that NYPD also had in mind their own welcoming gesture for Jewels : they asked him to empty his pockets ,spread his legs and let them search him for weapons , all in a hands on personal sort of way . The police found little more than a bottle opener ,which a man that likes to drink on the street actually needs , and let him go .

Across the street at Niagara Bar , curious feminine smokers standing on 7th street were giggly delighted and charmed to meet one of our neighborhoods more notorious characters who had just escaped by the skin of his teeth another possible , but likely brief , incarceration .

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