Thursday, December 14, 2006


A Walk Through the East Village With the New Leica M8 Digital Rangefinder Camera

Above : the infamous 120 St Marks Place in its current state of completion

Above : Ron

Above : Carl

All the images above were exposed at an ISO of 1250 or 2500 using a new Leica M8 digital rangefinder camera . The purpose of this photo-journey through the village sreets was to test this new camera in the extreme condition of the streets of New York City at night .Low noise , high ISO camera performance is an absolute necessity for night-time photo work ,at least as far as I am concerned , which often amounts to carving a usable image out of darkness . I used this camera as I have used all cameras ,whether Leica M6 or Canon 1v or 1DMk II or Epson R-D1 , fast and in the moment , without much time available for thought or planning the image to be made . The M8 performed very well giving me back the oportunity to work the way , my preferred way ,that I had worked for many years using my four M6 s and my Leica and Leitz lenses .

Thanks to Jeff and Vinnie at Fotocare ,136 W. 21st Street in NYC , for their assistance with the camera .If you want an M8 , call Fotocare at 212 741 2990

excellent camera, for sure. But the price scares me !
Yes ,Olivier the camera is quite costly but there are ways in which the camera is unequaled by any other camera in the smaller 35mmm format .It has some problems ,we can only hope that Leica can find ways to correct them .
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