Saturday, November 25, 2006


Stop Work Order Violation ?

Above :21 November 2006.DOB building profile for 120 St. Marks Pl showing that a stop work order is in effect
Above:25 November 2006 . DOB building profile for 120 St Marks Pl. showing stop work order in effect .
Above: 24 November 2006. Workers installing windows and door at 120 St. Marks Pl
Above: 21 November 2006 . Work in progress at 120 St. Marks Pl

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If we can believe the information displayed on the Department of Buildings building profile for 120 St. Marks Pl. then the workers shown working are working in violation of a stop work order . Nothing new here there have been many instances of such behavior at this building (see post here " A Stop Work Order That Stops Nothing" ) One can see above that work has been done over the last 4 days : more steel studs and windows installed .

I have been told by people that know of these things downtown , that this stop work order is applicable only to the ground floor and basement because of problems with the spaces being in violation of the zoning resolution here and possibly some other details that involve means of egress during fires ( see previous post " Emblematic Bad Faith ") . Clearly the workers above are working on the ground floor.

Perhaps the stop work order has been lifted and just not yet reported on the building profile .Thats not impossible : the DOB has a problem keeping up with it all these days .But then it is also possible that the DOB profile is correct and thus we have a visible blatant violation on record here .

Bob: You deserve praise and some kind of award for your photo journalism -- report on Ben Shaoul's careless and irresponsible activity. I am sure his previous tenants that suffered from his greedy thoughtless activities wish they had you for their champion.

Well done and let us hope that some politicians pick up on this and help the community but be sure they will take all the praise for themselves but either way it is courageous and exceptional work on your part.
Well done!
Thank you anoymous
Thank you Anonymous....this time I'll try to spell it right .... that is that big word anonymous .
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