Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Loanshark Bob Returns

After somthing like a years absence former East Village shylock and fence "Loanshark Bob " Marion is back on avenue A . Is he back in business ? Who knows .

P.S. 9 November ,2006 . I have been told that our local shylock has been in Mexico this last year and most recently in Oaxaca for the riots and protests .

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Powerful photos Bob but if you cared about the community and your friends you would continue your relationship with The Villager and get the most exposure possible for the sake of the neighborhood.

In the Sun you are quoted using the word "hysteria" but based on your photos it looks like there is plenty of reason to be upset.
unfortunately the Villager does not really take what I present all that seriously thus there is no reason to bother with them :to work with them is mostly a waste of time .
In addition , I use the word Hysteria because there is hysteria out and about in this community and it is in fact justified :our backs are put to the wall by a Mayor and all his developer friends that care nothing for us .So many of us feel that we have no law or agency to turn to , to help us keep our community and homes.We can not trust the Department of Buildings to protect us from unsafe construction practices or other predations of developers so why should we trust the City Planning Depaertment to plan in our interest . Justifiably people do not trust their government to help them with any official act such as re-zoning .The people are suspicious of government to the point of becomming hysterical ; it is an understandable condition .

I do care about this neighborhood and even bother to continue to make photos and information availeable at my own expense on this blog . At least for as long as I feel someone is actually bothering to look at it .

The Villager is not much of a paper and that is just a fact . It could be much better than it is but it is not : the publisher just doesn't really care .
I agree about everything you say although "hysteria" is a poor word choice. I am sure we share the same appreciation for your talent as a photographer but you are "out of focus" with regard to The Villager. You deprive people who derive value and meaning from your photographs by not being in The Villager which gave us "easy access" and a strong photo like your St. Marks "construction" imagery would truly helped the community in our struggles.
Our loss...
bye Bob...I won't be returning to read your response and I do not work for The Villager.
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