Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Crane Failure at 110 3rd Ave.- Part 2

Above : Mobile telescoping boom crane Below : Same crane with lattice boom added to telescoping boom

Above: Crane base with cab ,extended star-type outriggers and tons of counterweights.

Above 3 images : Assembling the boom sections
Above : Pulling cable down the boom
Above : Picking the counterweights from the damaged tower crane
Above : Picking the boom from the damaged tower crane
Above : Tower crane boom being lowered onto two flatbed trailers. The boom will be separated into two sections with one half on each flatbed trailer .

The crane that saved the night for the residents of buildings around 110 3rd Ave by disassembling the damaged Favelle Favco tower crane and making it possible for them to return to their homes was a Terex-Demag AC 500-2 , or very similar model , mobile telescoping boom crane with a lattice boom attatched .To learn more about this machine go to http://www.terex-demag.com/r_en/products/ac500-2.aspx . This site has a provision for the download of a PDF version of this machine's complete specifications. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to locate such good documentation for the damaged Favelle Favco tower crane .

Before the Terex- Demag crane could go to work disassembling the damged tower crane the counterweights had to be delivered by flatbed trailer and then installed on the crane . When the counterweights arrived another smaller crane was used to place the counterweights on the larger crane.

The next step in preparing the crane for action was to assemble the several sections of the lattice boom beginning with the connection of the first section to the head of the crane's telescoping boom . This required the assistance of the smaller boom crane , a lot of muscle and many hammers . The cable was then pulled from the hoisting machine at the crane base out to the very end of the lattice boom and passed over the large sheave mounted there . The boom was raised and the workers went to work disassembling and lowering to the street the several parts of the damaged tower crane .

The area's residents were allowed to begin returning to their homes around 1 AM Saturday morning . The damaged crane was completly removed by late Saturday afternoon .

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