Thursday, September 21, 2006


Two Heroin Overdoses

Man overdosed on heroin in Tompkins Square Park 20 September 2006
Bobby "Apocalypse " Gurtler at Jim Power's sidewalk camp at 120 St Marks Place , 13 July 2006

The young man in the top picture which was taken in Tompkins Square Park tonight was lucky ; someone in the surrounding crowd injected him with a version of naloxone ,the heroin blocking agent , and saved his life . He was removed to a hospital for further attention and care .

Bobby wasn't so lucky with heroin , he lay too long unconscious in a restaurant restroom before help came . Now Bobby is at Beth Israel hospital in a bed on life support . I am told by some who have visited him that the life support will soon be removed .

hey. your blog is amazing, I love it. Just moved from France to NY, east village. I discovered Ray 6 months ago, without knowing he was so famous. He really rocks
All right, see u !
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