Saturday, September 16, 2006


They're Back .....

Yes , we said they were gone to Jersey ... but the best of plans often change in the executing so Jim and Jesse Jane are back...and for God- only- knows how long .

Jim and Jesse walked all the way from Hackensack , across the George Washington Bridge to upper Manhattan , where a kind and good Samaritan , fearing for their safety at 179th street and Broadway , gave them two twenties and three ones and said "take a cab out of here , get downtown now ! "and so they did . This Jersey stay is history .

While uptown ,just off the bridge , some one Jim did not know yelled " Hi Jesse " which surprised Jim who did not realize that his dog Jesse is sometimes more well know than him , the real and only true " Mosaic Man" . Earlier in the evening ,back in Jersey , Jim had met a guy named Dave who decided to walk with Jim and Jesse to New York . While still in Jersey the three decided to stop at a homeless shelter for some food and rest . Unlike later in upper Manhattan where Mosaic Man wasn't recognized , here at the shelter most everyone knew of both Jesse and Jim . Their fame had preceded them .

Now that Jim and Jesse are back in town let us all hope and pray that Jim and Jesse can find a place to live and work on a permanent basis so that the real "Mosaic Man" can get back to work making things like the belt buckles above .

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