Friday, September 01, 2006


A Stop Work Order that Stops Nothing-2

Above : Stop work Order still in effect today , 1 September 2006
Above :120 St Marks Place 0n 1 September 2006 . Note ladder .
Above : Concrete floor at 120 St Marks Place poured on 31 august 2006 and photographed on 1 September 2006 .
Above : Construction at 120 St Marks Place , 30 August 2006
Above and below : details of work being done at 120 St Marks Place ,28 August 2006

Above and Below : Construction details at 120 St. Marks Place on 28 August 2006
Today construction was still under way at 120 St Marks Place in spite of a long standing Department of Buildings stopwork order being in effect for this property . This current stop work order has been in effect for at least several weeks and probably ,I am told , since 7 July of this year . The ladder is the sign that workers were in the building today . Entrance to the building is regularly obtained by this ladder which is usually pulled up behind them and stowed out of sight above the street .Thus , with the ground floor front closed up, workers can hide their presence from inspectors and neighborhood activists that call the DOB to complain about illegal activity in the building . As can be seen , the concrete ground floor is in place having been poured yesterday with the current stop work order in effect . All construction activity shown here occured with a DOB stop work order in effect .

The steel construction details above were photographed on 28 August 2006 and will not be found in any of the governing referance standards for steel design ,fabrication and errection that are part of the New York City building code .

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