Monday, September 11, 2006


"Squatterfest" 2006 in Tompkins Square Park

There was no "Howl" festival this year but there was a "Squatterfest" complete with a concert , though , this year the festival did not include wearing pentagrams and dancing on graves to hardcore , bathed in red light (see previous post "Howl no more") . The concert had been intended to be a much larger and impressive affair including bands with name recognition but something went wrong and the concert was almost canceled . Some local squatter impresarios put together a group of local bands and at least one out of town band ,"Inhaste" from Seatle , to save the day .

Not many attended the concert , perhaps as many as 150 people , and most of those that did attend were long time East Village squatters from the handful of remaining squats in the neighborhood .

Along with the music there was of course beer , some heavy duty slamdancing and much nostalgia for the old days complete with tapes being displayed of several of the infamous Tompkins Square Park riots .

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