Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Reunion at Ray's

To this day the little patch of grungy concrete turf out front of Ray's Candystore has been a meeting ground for countless numbers of people from all over the world . I have had several aquaintances from places around the world come to Ray's whenever they were in town to see if Ray's candystore and those locals from the old neighborhood who frequent the candystore , including me , were still around . Of course I was and still am around ....and hope to be so for some time.

It shouldn't be at all surprising that per the example offered two posts ago , that guys who have just been released from jail or prison , would also return to their favorite location in the East Village hoping to reunite with old friends .

Considering that many arrests in the East Village are made during organized sweeps , many individuals go to jail together , spend time in jail together and because of similar sentances , get released at more-or-less the same times . Such was the case ( ten or so years ago ) of the individuals pictured above , a couple of whom having parted company a few days earlier at Rikers Island are seen in the midst of a reunion of old friends at Ray's Candystore.

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