Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Mosaic Man's Towers

Jim participated in the construction of the towers at the World Trade center back in the '70 s of the last century as a member of the International Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners . Jim was a carpenter , mostly doing form work for concrete . He remembers watching the towers going up and he remembers watching them coming down on 11 September 2001 .... he videoed the latter. He feels a strong primal connection to the old twin towers .

When I spoke with Jim this morning at the "Village Pour House " , where he was working on a mosaic , he told me that he had been up all night thinking about the new "Freedom Tower " and that he was very dissapointed with the new tower . Thinking about it disturbed and angered him so much that he could not sleep . To pass the late night hours he reiterated his design for the tower , a tower design that I had noted in an earlier post .

The tower of Mosaic Man is round at it's base and continues round up to it's mid-height where a light rail train will travel around the upper-most floor of the round lower building , from base to base of each of it's seven towers which sit on this round lower half at the 50th floor . Built on this round lower half of the building are 7 towers , one for each continent ,manifesting the idea that this is a "WORLD " trade center . The towers are connected near their tops by bridges which provide a structural connection that strengthens and also affords easy passage from tower to tower at the upper levels . Since the design suggests a round and crenelated tower I asked Jim if his tower would be constructed to serve as a battlement to endure another attack from the skies .His answer was that "they won't try that again ...they will just lease the building and do the job from the inside " .

The interior is a large open round cylindrical space with light and air which would afford a tremendous view for all , in all 7 towers . A large garden ,even a small forest , will occupy the lower end of this hollow interior space . It is not completely clear to me from the sketch , but it may be that one of the towers will be centrally placed with-in this open interior leaving only 6 towers to be placed on the lower circular base of the building . .

The Fire Dept. will have a station at the central peak of the structure and a large volume of water will be stored there for use in case of a fire in the complex .

The sketch in Jim's hand , he assured me can be built . At the time of the photo he was calculating just how much concrete would be required and how to bring the materials most effeciently to the site by barge on the Hudson River . He was also considering how to supply the aggregate and steel and where to burn the cement stone .

Jim has been working on another idea concerning the memorial . It involves having the children of America and the world send pieces of materials suitable for mosaics to the memorial site where he will build a defining memorial structure using these submitted materials and possibly thousands of clay pieces glazed with significant images ,words or even faces of those that perished at the site as tessarae.

Who needs architects and designers ? Jim's design , at least as a concept , can give Messrs. Liebeskind and Childs and Sir Norman a run for the money any day of the week .Turn the project over to the people , whose tower and memorial it is in the first place ,and lets get something worthy built .

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