Saturday, September 02, 2006


Ernesto comes to the East Village on a Friday Night

As what is left of tropical storm/ hurricane- Katrina- wanna-be Ernesto moves up through the mid-Atlantic states on it's way to New England to do battle with a Canadian high pressure zone , alternating gusts of wind whipped rain with mist and cool , drier fall winds keep most people inside on this Friday night in the East Village . Most that are out away from their apartments are inside in the numerous bars of the neighborhood such as Odessa Bar where some young , quiet, sedate types drink imported beer and play a board game at the big round table near the large green-lighted front window . Around the corner on St Marks Place , Jim sits ,tired and in pain , on a large , found and fake leather sofa in his blue plastic tarp covered abode with friends Goldie and Cable. Jim still is a bit shaken -up by the beating he took yesterday and is in a good bit of pain . He has been to see a doctor at the Veterans Hospital and will return to the hospital tomorrow for more tests .His friends have been helping him and some will stay the night to stand watch while he sleeps .... probably it seems watching a lot of television and perhaps drinking some beer .

Jim's freind John did make it to court where the court on seeing and talking to him apparently decided that his condition was not good after the early morning beating and sent him to a hospital emergency room . As of now no one knows what John's condition is or indeed which hospital he is in.

Jim's and John's attacker was charged with 2 counts of assault in the 3rd degree and resisting arrest and had his bail set at $750 . He could thus easily be back out on the street now ;but if he is , it would be in his best interest to stay away from the area around St. Marks Place and Tompkins Square Park since there are at least half a dozen or so young men looking for him . It would be ,you see , pay-back time .

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