Wednesday, September 20, 2006


"Beer Olympics"canceled ; revelers move west...

One Labor Day ,perhaps ten years ago , punks from around the world headed to Brooklyn to drink , as dedicated bachants do , mass quantities of beer at the Beer Oympics . When they descended on the site in Brooklyn where the event was to occur they were denied access to the property and the Olympic scale beer blast was tempoarily delayed . Frustrated , angry and only insufficiently drunk the horde turned west to lower Manhattan and Tompkins Square Park.

As the punks moved from east to west through the park drinking , a raucous party ensued ,puzzling most of the neighborhood park users on this holiday afternoon . For a while to the delight of most it seemed that the Beer Olympics had sucessfully found an impromptu home in Tompkins Square Park . Such was not the case .

Shortly the cops came and a minor riot ensued which spread out of the park into avenue A where many were arrested . After perhaps half an hour it was all over . The riot was suppressed and the Beer Olympics never achieved the hoped for Olympic proportions imagined by its only partly drunken and dissapointed participants .

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