Friday, August 25, 2006


A Tough August for L.E.S. Jewels

On the 14th of August, rebellious punks rioted with police outside the First Unitarian Church on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia where " Pointless Fest 2006" , a multi-day punk festival , was being held . During the riot cops clobbered a number of individuals with their clubs and among those so wounded was our own local L.E.S. Jewels who received a nasty , large gash above his left eye . Jewels , now back from Philly might hope to relax and enjoy the lazy days of late summer in TSP but for the fact that cops here arrested him in Tompkins Square Park for an "un-opened " beer yesterday . Now after having spent a night in jail and back out in the street , he must prepare for a day in court tomorrow where a judge hearing another set of charges against him from a month ago will determine his near future which will possibly include some more time in jail . In a recent post on this blog I noted that Jewels had broken a glass recklessly in the near presence of an NYU student and for this action was charged with reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct ,both of which charges can earn Jewels some free room and board downtown ... if the judge so decides .

P.S. 26 August 2006: It seems that we may have been mislead by a witness and in reporting the facts of the above post we were stating things that were possibly not true , thus the above post requires some elaboration and possibly some correcting .

According to some witnesses to the riot in Philly , though Jewels ,who may have participated in the instigating of the riot , was struck over the back with a cops club , it was not a clubbing to his face that created the large gash above his eye . There was Mace or some such gas that was used on the crowd and as most of those rioting , Jewels ran from the scene to be clear of the gas . Jewels ran for a few blocks to Paradise City ,a Philly squat , to escape from the police that were chasing him . Running into the building he somehow ran into a door cutting a gash above his right eye . Which version , if either , is true is hard to say but Jewels does have one hell-of -a gash above his left eye and due to a judge's decision in a court here today may be in jail tonight . I did not see him on the street tonight .

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