Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Five Times in Three Days

Yes , 5 times in 3 days is how many times Jim has been robbed . Considering that the sanitation department took a large number of his personal possessions last month , today with these 5 robberies about all that he has left are the two tools that he uses for cutting and trimming tile and his cell phone and the cell phone is not good for long because they took his battery charger .

He still does have ,though , the large blue fish mosaic that he was beginning when this blog began but that is because he still has not been able to collect all the money owed to him for making it . This issue was featured in an earlier post on this blog .

Today on St. Marks Place it was raining and Jim and John were a bit wet as they prepared their bed for the night . Jesse Jane was already asleep inside the enclosure .

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