Thursday, August 31, 2006


A Beating on St. Marks Place

Above :Reunion at the 9th precinct
The picture above was taken this morning around 6:45 AM in the shape-up room of the 9th precinct . Jim had just taken a beating in the street at 120 St. Marks Place . A tall thin man with long dreadlocks , perhaps drunk and/ or on some kind of pills , attacked Jim,s friend and assistant John , who was on watch while Jim slept .Jim and John sleep in watches ,one man sleeps the other man watches , the procedure is necessary ,that's how it is on St. Marks place at night . The attack woke Jim and he started to help John but as Jim was taking in the situation and deciding what to do first , Jesse Jane also started barking which alarmed the attacker and the attacker responded by kicking Jesse Jane . Jim , of course without thinking about it , responded by going after the attacker who had just attacked his dog . The fight went on for 10 minutes or so , then John left so as not to be taken by the cops since he had to be in court a few hours later and clearly he could not afford complications in court . As John left Jim also left in the other direction trying to run away from the attacker . But the attacker would not relent , following him down the street and grabbing Jim , the attacker continued to attack Jim while Jim held on to the attacker's leg to prevent him from kicking him ,though, he could still beat on him with his hands . Jim had been kicked in the head and small of the back several times and was by then feeling all the pain .Several people were around watching the attack and one of them finally called the police .

The police arrived on the scene where the attacker gave them problems also so they took him into custody and at the precinct charged him with assault in the 3rd degree .

Jim and Jesse Jane and John are mostly alright :Jesse isn't hurt but Jim has some cuts and bruises which all hurt and John is more or less OK and did make it to court on time . Jesse Jane was certainly happy to see Jim come out of the 9th precinct after all the troubling events .

Oh my god Bob... :o(

I hope Jim and Jesse Jane are going to be ok?... I hope their friend John will be ok too... :o(
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