Monday, July 10, 2006


What a life . Live music at Jim's place .

Saturday night as Jim and Mina listen Lorcan Otway and Greg Dunn play some old Irish tunes at the sidewalk encampment .Lorcan was playing the Irish or Uilleann pipes and Greg was playing the fiddle . Lorcan is a nieghbor of Jim's , living just a short way up St. Marks Place . Greg is visiting NYC from Hull England .Though the music was entirely Irish in origin ,one passing nieghborhood regular was convinced that the tunes were Polish .

Jim and Mina continued to talk for some time after the music ended . Lorcan and Greg had headed uptown to O'Neals to continue the evening playing music ... and perhaps to to have a drop or two . Later as Jim and Mina continued to talk, John Lockwood came by ,pulled out a lounge chair ,unfolded it and made himself at home craneing his head around to look at the camera . John was the first person to be given a key by the owner to the vacant 120 St. Marks Pl. building .That was 5 years or so ago . John later passed that key along to others ,others passed the key along also and the building eventually became the commune known as the " Cave " where Jim had lived for two years until evicted at the end of March 2006 .

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