Thursday, July 20, 2006


Too many confrontations

Yesterday Jim was still chalking on the sidewalk his message of anger to the NYPD . Again yesterday there was another angry exchange between Jim and members of the NYPD . I suspect that this situation is growing out of control and if not checked will come to an unpleasant end for Jim . Jim will only become more a target for harrasment and possible arrest if the angry confrontations continue to grow in frequency and intensity..In the end Jim stands to lose his freedom and the domestic pleasures that he has had with his friends and with Jesse Jane at the sidewalk encampment at 120 St Marks Place . I am not excusing the NYPD for whatever behavior was improper in all of this . Where blame is due ,there it should be placed , on all parties , fairly . For such a long time Jim had the good favor of the NYPD which in part made it possible for him to live at his sidewalk encampment . Jim showed his respect for NYPD by honoring NYPD several different times in his mosaics . Something worthy came from this accord everyday . It's sad that that accord may permanently end .

An aside here ; there will be a punk rock concert in Tompkins Square Park on Sunday 23 july,2:00 to 6:00 pm . All classic bands including ; The Undead , Nihilistics and David Peel .... all afternoon .

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