Friday, July 14, 2006


Sunday afternoon with Shelby and Myles .

Above: House-sitting ,painting and living today
Above:the Cave
Below: 75 Green Street

Last Sunday I visited Shelby and Myles at the apartment where they are house-sitting until the middle of August . They both are former residents of the Cave at 120 St. Marks Place where they had one small quiet room with northern light in which to live and work . They of course know Jim Power and like Jim have had difficulty finding a permanent place to live and work .

Where they live now is spacious , well endowed with natural light and affords all the necessary comforts of a home. The apartment is large with much wall surface and affords plenty of space to both paint and display paintings . Paintings can be seen everywhere . This paradise east of Tompkins Square Park is to be short lived though since Shelby and Myles will soon be homeless again.

Since they lived at the Cave , they have lived several different places including in the street .For a while they lived in SOHO at 75 Green Street, another artist commune . 75 Green Street was started by another former Cave fellow ,Gerry Faust, and is one very large room, a whole floor of a building , that serves as space for artist to work and also for some to live . The rough, undeveloped and unheated space is also a gallery and sometimes a space for very big parties . For some time both young artists painted , displayed and sold paintings right where they also lived on Green Street. But that all ended for them and so they moved on as they will again soon have to do.

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