Sunday, July 30, 2006


Sunday afternoon with "Mosaic Man"

This afternoon when I walked onto the jobsite where Jim and Jesse Jane are working and living ,Jim and Jesse were outside in their small enclosed private garden , a place a long way from the camp on St. Marks Place . We all said hello and then we stepped into the work area where Jim is laying out and constructing his mosaics . He showed me some of his beautiful , natural and recycled materials and the simple all-weather construction adhesive that he uses to glue the tesserae to the backboard which is the support for the mosaic.

Jim showed me the current state of his mosaics and explained how he would further develope and finish them . He now works every day with his simple tools, his basic materials and his imagination creating his masterpiece , original mosaics . The construction techniques are complicated , involved and their explication is quite interesting ,but that's another story for another time .

Of course not all of one's time can be spent spent working ;there must be time for play,relaxation and sleep . Jesse Jane is most concerned with play, of course ,especially with Jim and her yellow ball . She and Jim now sleep on a new air mattress that was provided by the owners of the "The Village Pour House " . Life here is so much better especially with the security , privacy and quiet provided by locked doors and a private garden . In addition the 24 hr- a- day A/C provides a comfortable interior environment in which to to live ,work and sleep .

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