Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Saturday night out in front of Ray's Candy Store

Saturday night Noah and Charrish stopped by Ray's at 113 ave A . Noah was an artist/squatter with Jim "Mosaic Man " Power at the "Cave" commune . As can be seen from some pictures taken a year ago, Noah made freeform jewelry and little folded structures from MTA transit cards . At the Cave, Noah also painted a variety of different kinds of paintings . Some of the most interesting paintings were poured and dripped paintings, many of which he sold . One time I asked him if he was a follower of Jackson Pollock . His answer was that he didn't know what I was talking about since he had never heard of Pollock. Noah had apparently independantly discovered much of what Pollock had discovered because the paintings looked very much like Pollock paintings . On Saturday night Noah offered that he was wearing the same paint speckled and splattered trousers that he first wore at the Cave while pouring and dripping paint.

After living in a variety of different places including the street he now has a real apartment on the Lower East Side that he and Charrish share. The rent is luckily for them affordable .

Noah's woman is prety ....but I just feel sorry for her she deserves better ...
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