Tuesday, July 04, 2006


The night before the 4th of July

Not too many years ago the night of the 3rd of July was a busy night for the fire department .Fireworks everywhere all night long ... and fires too . Today it's very different. I heard but one firecracker report last night .

But the FD had other problems last night in front of Nino's Pizza . The crew of a firetruck had gone into Nino's to buy pizza and while in side, a man in a blue cap climbed to the top of thier truck . A call came over the police radio that a man was on top of a firetruck at ave. A and St. Marks Pl. . I headed to that location in a hurry . By the time I arrived the firemen had talked him down from their truck . The police then arrived but took no action against the smiling man in the blue cap. The man in the blue cap hung around for a while smiling and then started a fight with a dog .The man -dog fight ended with no injuries . I approached the smiling man in the blue cap and asked if he minded if I took his picture .He gestured no and smiled as I took the first picture . The light wasn't right so I turned him around and took another picture but by this time as you can see he was no longer smiling.

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