Saturday, July 08, 2006


A new project ,a missing squirrel house and one last picture from the 4th of July

Jim seems to have a new project ...and its a big one . Something like 10 ft tall and wrapped around the corner of a building . Above he tries to demonstate the way it will cover the corner of a bar restaurant to come .

Jim and famous friend- of- squirrels- everywhere , Bernie Goetz , installed some mosaic covered squirrel houses in the trees of Tompkins Square Park a few years ago . The mailbox houses were provided by Bernie and the mosaic exteriors were applied by Jim. The houses were installed in the trees with the help of a professional tree trimmer whose name I don't know .

Recently someone took one of the houses from its tree and thus not only are some squirrels now homeless but Jim is also quite upset.

Jim also took some video of the fireworks but I have not yet figured out how to show that to you .

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