Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The mosaic "chair" at the bus stop

The little fellow sits there all day , all night, gray and hunched .... always midst all the parti colored tesserae, silent and alone . He now sits glued to concrete , part of a mosaic coat on the back of a chair .What is he ? Where did he come from ? What was his purpose ?...I can't answer with certainty, probably just an ornament of little consequence. But still the way he sits so quietly and stares ,hands folded perpetually....

Today he decorates a " mosaic chair" at the bus stop at St Marks Place and ave. A . A chair which did not begin as a chair . The chair was in the beginning a planter with plants and it was made by Jim "Mosaic Man " Power .The mosaic planter's life was short . One night a car swerved out of control ,up onto the sidewalk and into the planter . One side of the planter was crushed and the earth and plants spilled on to the sidewalk .Later Jim cleaned up the mess ,trimmed away some rough edged concrete and thus a chair was made .

The chair is frequently used by tired travelers waiting for the bus . They sit and wait and some make cell phone calls while waiting ,waiting ,waiting...

Jim sometimes strolls with Jesse from his encampment down the street to the "mosaic chair" to read or call ,usually with a large "Monster" energy drink at hand

Here are some links that I believe will be interested
Now 20008 the chair has almost been destroyed
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