Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Late night walk in the East Village

Early Tueseday morning I went for a walk , heading to Jim's campsite and then down ave A . At the sidewalk encampment John Lockwood was in charge ,watching the things at the camp that belong to Jim since Jim had decided after his encounter with police early Monday morning that it might be good to be off the street for a night or two . He was staying with a generous friend . After talking to John for a while I headed homeward down St. Marks Place to ave A and from there south to home .

I stopped at Ray's Candy Store where Stanley and his two dogs ,Taras and Tiberius , were being photographed by Ilya with his Polaroid "Big Shot " camera . Ilya has been photographing people for some time now in the East Village with his "Big Shot " working to create a book of East Village portraits . He gives the subject of his portait the Polaroid and he keeps the negative for his archive .

A little bit later Victor rolled by in his wheelchair and gave a hello to everyone including a pat on the head for Tiberius .

I went inside the candy store and talked to Ray for a while who wasn't making much money on this early Tuesday morning . After a half hour or so with Ray catching up on nieghborhood news , I left for home , passing on the way another more desperate sidewalk encampment .

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