Saturday, July 15, 2006


Jim celebrates those who serve

At the campsite on Jim's worktable sits a planter . This planter has been in the process of creation for more than a year . It's reason for existing is to celebrate all the members of all the services that serve the people of NYC. I beleive that Jim intends to place the planter somewhere at "Ground Zero" someday when it is finished .As you can see all the varied ,irregular and variously colored tessarae are assembled into a view of downtown NYC. Also included as a major part of the plan are the initials of the various services :New york City Police Dept. ,Port Authority Police , Emergency Medical service , New York City Fire Dept. and even a citation for the St. Marks Place Block Association . But as we all know ,no good deed goes unpunished .

Recently someone has complained about Jim's "tent " to the NYPD. The NYPD 2 days ago told Jim that he must move from St Marks Place by Monday.Someone in this neighborhood , among all those who actually like Jim's presence on the block , has complained of the tent and of supposedly unsanitary conditions . Jim keeps everything around him clean and sanitary and to most on the block, the "tent " is not only not objectionable but a welcome and entertaining addition to the nieghborhood . Most see that Jim in many ways contributes to the betterment of the block .

I do not doubt that there are ordinances prohibiting Jim's encampment on St. Marks Place . I do not doubt the authority of the NYPD to forcibly , if necessary , remove Jim and Jesse and thier encampment from the block. I do find it ,though , more than a little ironic and sad that one of the agencies that Jim has celebrated on his planter will be the agent of his removal from St. Marks Place .

I imagine that Jim will not just submit and leave .I'm sure that he has some unique and innimatable "Power" plan to confuse ,disrupt and complicate his removal from the block. For more current information on this situation go to : or . I'm sure that there is more to come and that it will most likely be entertaining ,enlightening and good for the human spirit .

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