Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Friday night was a good night for Jim and friends

Friday night many of the curious in the passing crowd stopped to talk to Jim. Several of Jim's friends including Outlaw ,John , Jim and Mina were also with him enjoying the evening . Jim talked of many things .

For a while he was describing to passers- by what he thought the "Freedom Tower" should really be . While they watched he took a shard and scratched an image on the sidewalk of his vision of the tower . The tower would be , at least in part , round and among other special features would have a small train that traveled around the large tower to move people from one area to another .

Jim also spent some time with Mina studying the plans for the project that he is working on now at 3rd ave. and 11 St. . He was also familiarizing her with some of his special mosaic techniques . Mina is an acomplished portraitist and will be because of her skills a valuable assistant on this project . She may also help Jim with his website .

Later in the evening Outlaw showed me a picture of his girlfriend who has been away for a while. He told me that he misses her greatly , which I can believe because I remember how they were always together .She will be back in a few days . Outlaw told me that when she returns that he will take her out and spend his entire check on her and then he will take her to Coney Island and campout on the beach with her .

It is sad that after such an enjoyable and good-spirited evening that the confrontation with police early the next Monday morning had to happen and threaten to end such evenings at 120 St Marks Place forever .

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