Saturday, July 01, 2006


Friday night and Jim and Jesse stay up late

It's Friday night and Jim is working on a mosaic that must be finished by tomorrow because later in the day it will be on it's way to England by plane .The din of music ,voices and the clanking and rattling of chains as bar- goers lock and unlock their bikes to the steel tubular scafolding near where Jim lives and works is so loud that it's hard to converse without yelling . Jesse has some rawhide and Jim and Jesse play with the bonelike leather mouthful on the street in the midst of the people walking up and down the sidewalk. Around 2:30 AM they go to bed . But more is to happen in the neighborhood not too far away .

An hour later and not far away away 6 shots are heard in the night . NYPD rushes to the scene where a car has a bullet hole through the two front windows . No one was hurt .The shooter ran. No suspects were found and at least one witness did not want to talk to police .

Jim's mosaics are wonderful. What a way to make a lasting legacy on the streets of New York. I do hope the people of New York know of, and appreciate the talent in their midst... :o)

May I link your site on mine? I love that you are bringing to light such a powerful story, of an amazing man.
Link away ,Cowtownchick,wherever and as much as you would like . I"m flattered that you would want to.

One of the reasons for the existance of this Blog is to make people aware that Jim and others in similar situations are out there .In NYC today many people that make all kinds of worthy contributions ,at all moderate to low income levels, are being forced to leave thier homes because others with more money are taking thier homes away from them.The process ,I'm sure you know , is called "gentification ".
I never knew of the term Gentification, and I can understand it's meaning, though not the mentality behind it. I'm with you on the wrongness of it all.

The money always talks unfortunately. It's sickening really.

There are Jim's all over this world, and those with money would prefer those of lesser means to disappear completely.

I'm glad to see you bringing the issue to light though. Every human being counts as far as I'm concerned.
Actually I see that I spelled the word incorrectly it should be spelled "gentrification" .I left the r out .I need an editor that can spell .

Most of those who have the money and desire to be in NYC,those who have recently arrived , turn a blind eye to the consequences of their new presence in The city .There are consequences to their arrival here and among them is that some people lose their homes so that a place can be be made for the new residents.Functioning ,worthy and unique Communities are are being destroyed and most new arrivals are just not aware of this .They have no idea of what is being lost. Because of this NYC isn't the town it used to be .
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