Saturday, July 22, 2006


The end of the 120 St. Marks Place encampment ?

This morning Jim called me to tell me that police officers and sanitation dept. personnel broke down and removed his living and working quarters at 120 St. Marks Place . A waste receptacle now occupies the place that was Jim and Jesse Jane's home for 3 months .The large planters ,though , remain at the camp site, probably because they are very heavy and would have been too much work for a regular sanitation team to remove . Jim claims that ,with the exception of a few vide tapes , what was lost was not of great importance . He and Jesse were not at the camp at 6:00 A.M. when police and sanitation arrived to do their dastardly deed .

So what's next for Jim and Jesse Jane ?No one seems to know for sure . Jim claims that he will continue to be at 120 St. Marks Place to look after the owners property . He even claims that he may even sleep and work there occasionally but likely not often . He certainly wants all who want to , to stop by 120 St. Marks Place anytime they would like. Especially he would like folks to stop by to hang out on Friday and Saturday nights . 120 St Marks Place is still a nieghborhood thing you know .

When I spoke to him this afternoon at his worksite at 3rd ave. and 11 st. he was busy working on big new mosaics , un-phased by recent events and planning to move forward way or another .

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