Saturday, July 22, 2006


Concerning the claim that a police officer pulled a gun on Jim .

This afternoon I asked Jim to help clarify the manner in which the police officer in car 2723 presented his gun to Jim during their argument which occured at some time around 3:00 A.M. on Monday 17 July ,2006 in the street in front of 120 St. Marks Place . Jim made a cut-out of a gun and displayed it thus as he claims the police officer displayed the fire arm . This event was first reported in an earlier post on 18 July ,2006 on this blog.

The stick at the bottom of the frame is to represent the bottom of the right side front window of the police car . Jim is seen in the position of the police officer sitting in the front right side seat of the police car 2723 . The camera is in the position from which Jim viewed the the police officer and his gun . Jim was approximately 2 1/2 ft from the displayed gun leaning at the car window . The gun was placed more- or- less at Jim's eye level for Jim to see .It was held by the butt end of the handle and rotated in front of Jim about an axis running more or less down the center of the officers forearm. The police officer did not "twirl" the fire arm at any time about his index finger as gunslingers do in western movies . At no time did the officer point the gun at Jim nor did he indicate in any way that he intended to point the gun at Jim. At no time did the police officer open the door of the police car .Neither the police officer alledged to have pulled his gun nor the police officer driving the car exited the vehicle at any time . Jim was standing at the right front window of the police car leaning down to the window . .

The above account and demonstration is what Jim claims . There is a videotape of the event which may show and confirm what is stated and depicted above . I have not seen the tape . This claim was presented to the Civilian Complaint Review Board and to the Commisioner's Office .

I have not spoken to the police officer in question . I do not know his name . I have not in any form heard his version of the confrontaion between him and Jim . What is seen above is Jim's account of the incident told to me and demonstrated in the afternoon of Saturday , 22 July,2006.

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