Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Car 2723 where are you ?

This morning Jim chalked this message at the corner of ave. A and St. Marks Place . The message is the result of a confrontation between Jim and a police officer . Monday at 3:00 AM a police car pulled up to Jim's camp and an officer asked him what he was doing . Jim responded and a dialogue turned into an argument with Jim angry and the police officer angry . Jim ,I'm sure ,was responding to the situation in his own innimatable way as the police officer threw water on Jim. Then, according to Jim , the police officer removed his side arm from its holster and displayed it so that Jim could see it clearly . After 15 minutes or so of intense argument the police car drove off leaving Jim feeling disturbed ,angry and unsure of what would come from this event ,especially since just a few days earlier the police had told Jim that he had to remove his camp from the sidewalk by Monday .

As can be seen the number of the patrol car is known . In addition to the number there were witnesses and a video of the event . Jim has talked to the Civilian Complaint Review Board and given them the available information .

This event may well change the situation on St. Marks Place for Jim ,his camp and his friends . Monday night Jim and Jesse did not sleep at thier sidewalk camp choosing instead to sleep inside at a friends house .

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