Friday, July 21, 2006


Another chalked message on St Marks Place

Last night more chalk was used to scrawl a message to NYPD in response to the photographing of Jim's campsite on St Marks Place by multiple police officers. A witness to the event informed Jim and enraged , Jim went right away for the chalk and set about chalking up the street next to his camp . Again he did not sleep at the camp on St. Marks Place.

Hi Bob,

Been away for a bit, but still watching and reading... :o)

I hope the confrontations between Jim and the police don't escalate any more... I find it disheartening to think how the police can cause trouble for him if they so choose.

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strange how my one comment popped in there twice. I've deleted one version, in case you're wondering... :o)... ooops.
Hi cowtownchick, good to hear from you .There is alot that is going on and I'm holding back some things so as not to be inflamatory. It's all so sad because Jim is so much his own worst enemy at times . On the other hand the cops aren't always angels either .It's all just sad that it has to happen this way when it could have been so different .
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