Wednesday, July 05, 2006


4th of July fireworks party with Jim's friend Kristielee

Jim's friend Kristielee invited Jim to come to a party on her roof and watch the 4th of July fireworks . I tagged along and enjoyed an evening on a roof with a view of a skyline with colorful lights that can be seen every night of the year...lights that are not fire works .We were surrounded on three sides by cell-phone antennas .Lots of radiation exposure I'm sure but as yet no strange headaches or unusual growths to report . Many fireworks parties could be seen all around .

Jim and Kristielee worked together recently on a mosaic picture of her mother Beverly . The mosaic isn't quite finished yet but enough is completed to be able to see the relation between a picture of Kristielee's mother and the mosaic . On the right side, elements of the mosaic can be seen to be protruding . These protruding pieces are broken bits of pottery that was made by Kristielee 's mother . On some of them the initials BW and a date can be seen.

The fireworks display was spectacular and will have it's own separate posting .

Please ask Kristielee to call her friend Jay Walker.
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