Thursday, June 29, 2006


Jim " Mosaic Man " Power and Jesse Jane did have a home

Jim Power , a.k.a."Mosaic Man", and his dog Jesse Jane did have a home. A small but clean and warm room where they lived and worked with at least some peace and security . They lived at 120 St. Marks Pl. in New York City in what was probably the last illegal squat in the East Village .Jim and Jesse lived there for 2 years or so with the knowledge and at least tacit approval of the building's owner . All who lived there knew that they would someday have to leave .The squatting situation there was accepted by all to be tempoary .No attempt to claim some form of squatter's right or adverse possession was ever in the minds of the building's occupants .The building had been a sort of artist's commune known as the "Cave"for 5 years or more . Then one afternoon at the end of March of 2006 Magnum Management and Benjamin Shaoul showed up on premises with workers with crow bars and sledge hammers . A very tense and unlawful confrontation with shattered locks ,smashed in doors and threats of violence occured which was brought under control by officers from the 9th precinct. This confrontation was of course all in violation of the New York State eviction law . Shortly , Magnum Mangement paid all occupants to leave and all were gone within 2 weeks. Jim was paid $2500 to leave .

But Jim and Jesse Jane didn't quite leave 120 St. Marks Pl. ;they just moved outside to the sidewalk in front of the building from which they had been evicted .It is today, 29 June 2006 and they are still living,working and sleeping on the sidewalk in front of 120 St .Marks Pl .

All the pictures above were taken the day before Jim and Jesse Jane vacated 120 St. Marks Pl.

Brilliant... really good. Can't wait to see how this blog develops. I'll put up a link on mine. Cheers lor
Well ,Lorcan, I don't know where it will go or for how long it will be about Jim and Jesse Jane but I'm an angry, bitter man and that should spur me on for a while
Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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