Friday, June 30, 2006


As many drink , smoke and talk...Jim and Jesse try to sleep

Last night when I stopped by to see Jim and Jesse everything seemed to be in order . There was of course the background noise from all the bar conversations in the bars that surround Jim's encampment .Better that it would be the sound of wind in the trees or a waterfall but... it is St Marks Pl. . Jim and Jesse were a bit wet since it had rained earlier and their "tent" had leaked . At the side of the encampment Jim is advertising his web site ,

I enjoy looking at your photos of Jim and Jesse... They are so full of personality and life... :o)

Thank you for sharing them... :o)
I'm glad you like them .This story is a difficult one for me that unfortunately will only become more common here in NYC.We are losing the things that made NYC a worthy ,human place .It's all sad at times and Jim's story is sad ...but sometimes it's happy too .The blog will continue ,there is much more to tell and show .
Here are some links that I believe will be interested
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