Monday, September 19, 2011


Preparing the Occupation of Wall Street?

The tourists hardly noticed the 300 or so folks of the General Assembly and allied groups sprawled about Zuccotti Park .Many had camped overnight at the leave of NYPD in the park .By mid-day most were up and about preparing to shut down Wall street .Some were concerned with the day's agenda ,some made posters , some made music and danced while the more militant sorts marched through the streets ,led by a black and red flag to a corner near Wall Street . Tomorrow Wall Street .

I love that last photo.
Can't go wrong with cops and Santa , Goggla
That NYPD tower is used for facial scanning that records faces in a database and can let kops know if there's an open warrant for the person being scanned. This device was used recently at a Carribean show on Randall's Island -- a friend of ours was talking to a young black man there when he was suddenly jumped by a squad of kops and taken away. The kops told her about the scanner in their tower.
The kids are alright. A refreshing sight to see all those young faces. Usually it's the same old tired activists doing the marching (myself included). All is not lost, yet.
Seems like a pretty good reason not to skip out on your warrants then. Unfortunately, with technology you've got to take the good with the bad.
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