Sunday, August 07, 2011


"Let 'Em Eat Cake /Eat the Rich/No Comfort Zone" Street Party : Part 1

A group of 20 or so  gathered Saturday night just in from the corner of 2nd Avenue and 3rd street . A familiar group that's been seen many a desperate Saturday evening at the 7th street and Avenue A entrance to Tompkins Square Park . A mix of aging  Yippies , Slaktivists,Communists , anarchists and assorted others .Posters were made , folks socialized and then moved 2 doors east and effected a small anti-gentrification ritual in front of the Economakis Mansion . John Penley then led a march to the BMW Guggenhein Lab  a couple of blocks down 2nd Avenue . 

No christadora house? Slacking...
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