Tuesday, July 26, 2011


NY Post Photographer Stalks a Tompkins Square Park Rat

Both channel 4 news and the NY Post  were in Tompkins Square Park tonight to picture the TSP Ratstravaganza

Looks like the POST reads what is going on GREAT BYLINE .....
Gee! I wonder where they got that idea?
They should've used your photos, they're better.
report rats here
NY Post glomming onto your blog yet again!!
I park my van on 7th Street overnight quite often, today I went for an oil change at the great Ludlow Garage, when I came to pick it up the mechanic told me there was plenty of RAT SHIT in my engine compartment, I was shocked, he said it is not that unusual, they crawl up there especially when it is chilly, and he said I should put a bunch of mothball crystals under the hood somewhere which will keep them out for some reason, before they chew up any wiring. Yow! I bet they hustled over from the park. I thought they looked kind of cute in pictures but now I HATE THEM, funny how that works.
Thats not fair Marty . this guy hit the park cold . The rats are friends of mine . We've known each other for years ,even share a little greecy orange rice sometimes .It was easy , my friend s all posed for thier portraits .
Bob's real name is Willard and his best friend is Ben. Don't fuck with Bob or his rat army will get you....
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