Monday, July 04, 2011


A Day and Time Remembered

We've run these images before , but that the day and time that they document not be forgotten we present them again.

Thanks for these photos. I remember a near-identical scene round about a decade earlier. I was in the Spring Lounge not too long after sunset on the Fourth of July, and all of a sudden there was this eruption a block away, at Prince and Mott.

It was a three-story-high pillar of flame and sparks. I would have been terrified had I lived in an apartment on that corner. It was just the bartender and myself in the Lounge, with the windows and door closed, yet we had to shout to hear each other.

Not a police officer was in sight for the entire, oh, 20 minutes of the show. Cars would approach from the west, slow to a crawl, and then either turn up Mulberry or back up to Lafayette.

I won't knock what Macy's does, but it is so bland an exhibition in comparison.

(As for "sponsored, funded, and executed by the neighborhood," well, yes, but was just lower-level mob guys getting rid of unsold merchandise, not some Business Improvement District block party.)
Wow, it's an entirely different world now, isn't it?
Goggla ,it is indeed a different world . Not as much fun either.
Stunning photos, Bob! Thanks for posting them. The writing that accompanied them was fantastic as well.
Thanx Marty.
looks great in the wonderful photos
not so much fun to be there
found it scarey and dangerous
a little too much of a free-for-all of explosives
Just saw your July 4 post and memories ensued.
Me, a naive 22 year old, already a skittish pup around explosions from growing up with boys who threw firecrackers at each other (and me) for fun, just moved to Mott St. btween Houston and Prince on July 2 1981. Imagine my surprise when I stepped into my new hood July 4th night and literally ran blocks squealing like a baby amid potshot bottle rockets, whole boxes of firecrackers (loved that shot Bob!) and godknowswhat.
Never liked it, but adapted: stayed home or got out of town. Still skittish.
Is living in NYC better now?
You say it best: neither more nor less.
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