Friday, July 08, 2011


2nd Avenue Contraption

Yikes!! I can just hear the sounds that were coming from that scene now... ugh. "YA BRO!"
Ya ! all pumped on Red Bull!
Whatever that thing is, it's burnt. I walked by it last night and, doh, I swear the guys on it were hollering "Yo bro! Gonna pedal!" Some of the surround crowd of frat boys held up brown paper bags containing a beverage and yelled "Pedal! Bro!".

At the time, because the thing was sitting in the street, I thought "Well, that will not be here long. Some cab is going to veer into it and, well, Goodbye Fratboy and whatever that thing is." But, come to think of it, I guess it was sitting in the bike lane. Brilliant!
Hahahhah!! Yikes! Whatever it is, I hope it is some sort of machine that catapults them to Murray Hill/Long Island/New Jersey: where they belong and cannot escape.

Collars Popped!
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