Thursday, June 23, 2011


Two Crustys Arrested for the Alleged Assault of Two Men Outside McDonalds

Police arrested 2  Crustys for the alleged assault of 2 men early Thursday morning at or near the intersection of 2nd avenue and 10th street .

According to witnesses three Crustys and 2 dogs  had been spanging in front of the McDonald's on 3rd avenue near St. Marks Place . Around 12:30 AM 2 men that had been drinking at Continental Bar began an amicable conversation with the Crustys .Some one of the Crustys then allegedly without warning punched one of the men . A brief fight ensued and quickly the Crustys fled .

There were apparently no really serious injuries but both men were taken to hospital in separate ambulances .Some difficulty was had by police in getting one uncooperative victim into an ambulance

One of the Crustys' dogs was left at the scene of the arrest near a tree. Police sent  a car to find friends of the arrested pair who might take care of the dog .

Is that Bailey? She took a turn for the worse huh? She was such a nice pretty girl once, but now she is one of the crusty's< walkin around the East Village smelling like dirty socks.
And why are blogs writing about how "sad" it is that there aren't as many around this year??
Anyone know what happened to that dog? I've seen the dog around with the crustys lately and have always felt bad for it. If anyone knows what happened to the dog please post it here.
As always nice work Bob.
Great reporting and pictures as always, Bob!
Of Course, arrest the crusties, easier to arrest those Yuppie Continental patrons who would most likely be hiding behind their wallets, or their daddy's wallets, or their lawyers. A crusty will not attack you if not provoked. The yuppies may have said something insulting in an amicable kind of way, the way they're used to it, their nature--insulting you with a smile on their smug faces, thus it seems like the crusties looked like they were unprovoked. What would the crusties gain from fighting with these yups, unless provoked. Remeber that Italy vs. France World Cup final game where Zidane headbutted that Italian player. Seems like Zidane wasn't provoked by the Italian player who was smiling all along, yet he insulted Zidane's family. Well, this could be the same here. The yups may have said something insulting while smiling. Leave the crusties alone.
I saw the dog w/ two people on 7th Street btw 1st and A last nite, and this afternoon on Ave A w/ two different people. Dog seemed fine, a little growly maybe.
Yep, crusties aren't scumbag criminals....let's glorify and romanticize them.
@Anonymous - did you look at the picks of the two guys sitting on the curb? They don't look like yuppies at all. Quite the assumption on your part.
Yep, yuppies aren't scumbag criminals*....let's glorify and romanticize them

(*yuppies were, and still are, responsible for the global financial crisis)
I used to work with the 'uncooperative victim' at a local bar. I dunno what was said, but I can guarantee you that he is neither a yuppie nor a randomly insulting person. He's actually a really nice guy.
7:05 anonymous , can you or your friend give us any of the details of the event ?I'm sure folks would like to know more .

Bob arihood
What i know BOB is everything happened so fast.My friend went outside fo a cigarette.Then when i looked outside he was sitting,bleeding from his back of neck..i put my hands to stop the bleeding and all sudden i heared this blast hit me on my right eye.then maybe i fell on the floor.causing 2 cuts on my right eye.and a red left eye.with minor injuries to my friend is the same with a cut to his neck.i remember seeing those crustys around the area with the dogs.but we didn't have no conversation at all.they were passing by.and they must came back with something in mind.
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Please note that 7:05 anon and Louie are not verified identities .the 2 comments are from different IP addresses one in NYC and one in Staten Island .
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Bob... Did you verify if that is Bailey, the female crusty? She looks like this girl Bailey that you used to photo, was once very pretty, she has a sister who is an actress, I think Bailey was too, on Law and Order and small shows of that nature. She got invovled with drugs and now she smells like dirty socks, but Im curious if that is her. I cant picture her a trouble maker.
Yes, the young woman pictured is Bailey .
I know these 2 guys because they work for me and they happen to be real nice guys.They havent been to work since and are both healing.Get well soon Steve and Louie!!!
I know both of these guys because I work with them and they are real nice guys and are harmless.They haven't been to work since the incident because of their injuries and are far from being labled yuppies.Get well soon Steve and Louie.
wow. what news! two drunk guys say something stupid to two other drunk "crusties" and they are now crying because they got hurt and some pictures got snapped. newsflash just because someone you work with is a "nice guy" doesn't mean that they are "nice" drunk guys! and with the way they were typing their comments it seems like they are intoxicated quite often.
I can tell you that the victim is my Uncle/Brother and if I was there the "Crusty's" would have been laying beside him!!! He worked for CBGB'S for years SO YUPPIE that man!!! Because he dressed up for the night!! That makes him a YUPPIE wake up PEOPLE WTF!!!! Seriously, having a few drinks and going out for smoke hanging with a friend and ended up messed up!!! HE GREW UP IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD!!! And WAS proud of that!!!! CRUSTY'S/YUPPIES!!! WHAT EVER!!! SCUMBAGS!!!
ANYONE That would keep beating someone after their down is the scum of the Earth!!
What if it was you or someone you love!! Friggin Crusty's!! They asked him for money and he didn't give them any, so they gave him 4 staples in the back of the head!! Check out this "ANONYMOUS" opinion!!!!
Lisa, You dont know anything!! It was over money, these crusty scum come here and beg. I moved from East VIllage last year to Long Island, Thank god
Lisa,u dont know nothing ,unless u r a crusty too.Enough said of this subject.Im not crying for your help.if you are a friend of those crusties then go join theme instead of diffending theme.I work hard for my money,so as my friend.If your friends"crusties"asked for money.!!.the scene wont be like it was.They are in jail right???im not,so who's bad here,talking about the r real,get over it.thanks Bob,Mat..and others.let me go before Lisa starts hitting ppl for u steve.We are strong.
"these crusty scum come here and beg."

lol too bad Baileys from here lol
Just so you know, the fight was not unprovoked. They had threatened to hurt the dog and got a little too close to the girl. Ooh and the person who actually hit the guys was not arrested. He had left the scene much faster. Those were too drunk to even know who had hit them. And for those of us that know Bailey, know that she is a sweetheart and most definitely not on any drugs. I also find it kind of funnny that the two people that are being accused of assault are half the size of the two men who were assaulted. As for the dog, he was released from the custody of the ACC as soon as Bailey was released from central bookings. And the only person he has been with is her. Thank you for your concern but he is doing great.
typical degenerate mets fans. god do i hate sports idiots. totally siding with the crusties on this one. karma will take care of the other two.
I hate these Crusty people. They smell so bad, and they clog the streets, I dont want my kids nears them. Ughh, I come back tot he city from vacationin a few days from the hamptons, Oh how I dread the crusties. Winter cant come soon enough when they all leave.
If it had been yuppies I'd agree, but one of the guys at least was known in the punk scene. I don't want the crusties removed but they are middle class kids who come here get hooked on heroin and will rip you off for a fix. This sounds like an unfair blanket statement, but one isn't sleazy like that, then they're just a punk (not a crusty).
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