Sunday, June 12, 2011


Sunday Afternoon in Tompkins Square Park

Likely the sidewalk had again smacked Tim a good one in his right eye , no one knows for sure , not even Tim... and Jewels ?Well he made at least 4 trips to Bellevue this last week, his wrists this afternoon braceleted with multiple I.D. tags . He has no idea what sent him to hospital the last 3 times , he remembers nothing  .

In spite of the bumps,scrapes,bruises,swollen red features ... and festering cuts, the boys were in good spirits. Sunday afternoon was being profitably spent looking for that next beer and a smoke while socialising with the half dozen or so extant Crustys in Tompkins Square Park .


This photo is a clear testimony to the enduring resilience of the human body. A perfect example.A noteworthy shot again for your future publication I hope.Keep it up, please.
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