Sunday, June 26, 2011


Saturday Night on 4th Street

There's a hole in the dyke! Someone go get help!!!
Wow Bob are you a reveler yourself or do you just roam the neighborhood specifically looking for shots? I must say you do a great job of capturing what it's like around here. Enjoying your blog.
Actually Bob is the King of the reveleeeeers.

The secret is finally out!

Bob is actually responsible for all, I repeat ALL, of the action on the LES.

A once quiet and peaceful neighborhood was changed forever, once the evil war lord Robert Airhood began to instigate all of this chicanery.

You see, these people only act out in this way, in order to achieve the status of Airhood favor, and be included in this pictorial catalog of neerdowellism.

The evil puppeteer Airhood must be stopped!!!!
I saw cochise go into an ambulance at 4pm on sat, 9am on sun and 4pm on sun. During the sat incident he spit on one of the emts and got hit and thrown (literally) into the ambo.
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