Thursday, June 09, 2011


OMG ! Is that Slum Goddess on Line at Pinkberry?

I think it's a stunt double.
say it ain't so
Best. Photo. Ever! Thankfully you didn't see me doing keg stands at Superdive!
oh, the secret fro-yos of the blogger soul.

remind me to remain anonymous so you never get a shot of me buying khakis at the Gap!
I have to admit, Pink Berry is delicious. I get one once a year with blackberries. C'mon, you know you want one...!
Jeremiah , some of us just can't help ourselves , we need the camera eye .Doesn't matter , Pinkbery or Gap ,as long as they spell our name correctly .

Yes we did Eden . what are you willing to pay for those photos.

Goggla , we all have our secrets.
Marty, its the real thing ! We don't fake nuthin' here .
Goggla, i've never tried Pinkberry, but i admit a soft spot for the "Yogurt Station" on that block. it's kind of gross, the name is awful, and the cashiers are surly, but you can dump whatever you want in your fro-yo bucket.

and i still say there are too many frozen treat shops in the EV!
There are WAY too many of these places around..two on ever block? C'mon! But since I don't eat ice cream I do buy it once in a while when it's 95 degrees out..right after I eat at the dessert truck!
Didn't know you can buy pinkberry with food stamps!
I don't care what anybody says - I think Pinkberry (COMPLETELY plain, no fruit nor Fruity Pebbles)is a pleasure.

A little bit frozen & a little bit soft-serve, a little bit sweet and a little bit tart.

Meh - who can complain?
I could complain, $24.00 for 4 small cups of froyo.
Get Real Smuchks!!!!Keep feeding the beast,then complain about what your neighborhood has become.
Well, since I have three jobs the stamps weren't needed "anon"! But I am reapplying this week so maybe i'll hit up whole foods with 'em! Jealous much? You must be the same troll who PHYSICALLY threatened me on my blog..for making under minimum wage with acting and music. Attend any nice tea parties latey, hmm? Haw!
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