Thursday, June 30, 2011


29 June , 2011 : Ray Passes I.N.S. Interview and Test for U.S. Citizenship

Ray is on the last step to U.S. citizenship . Yesterday he was interviewed by I.N.S.. He also passed the necessary history and government test .Ray noted that he missed only one question , he didn't know the significance  of the date , April 15 .

July 15 , 2011 Ray will attend the Oath Ceremony and finally become a naturalized citizen of the United States of America .

Nicely done, Ray!
YES! So excited to hear this!
wooooooooo! congrats to ray. beignets and egg cream on me.
YAY RAY!!! A Genuine American if ever there was one!
Congratulations to Ray! Thanks to you for moving to New York and establishing your fine business on the block!
That's great! Let's all go to Ray's on the 15th to celebrate!
wave that flag wave it high well done to Ray, hope all on the 15 th give him a big shout out well done
He's not going to be a real American until he gains 100 pounds.
Missing that April 15 question probably raises a red flag and goes in your file. INS will probably pass that info along to the IRS. :b
Congratulations to Ray. It is not an exageration to say that Ray is the real American story, the best of the American Dream. Man all those overnighters on Ave A during the wild times, God Bless Ray and the US of A.
a salute to Ray!
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