Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Toil and Troubles

It was so simple yesterday for Ray to decide to remain open for business after receiving a closure notice from the Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene . Ray needed to fill his cash box . Business had to be done so that he could pay his bills. The decision was simple . The consequences of this decision  weren't so simple though . The consequences were quite costly ... and humbling too .

At 1:30 AM Tuesday morning with some help from his friends Ray was busy  scrubbing , scouring and scraping as well as looking for any undiscovered mouse excreta. Ray's team worked through the night cleaning and inspecting .A daunting nightlong endeavor and Tuesday morning at 10 AM Ray , on his way to bed , looked to be exhausted .

Tuesday the exterminator will arrive , inspect and exterminate . Later Ray will sign a contract with the exterminator and the exterminator will produce a report of corrected conditions at Ray's candy Store . The inspector from the Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene will return on Wednesday to perform a final inspection .

If Ray's Candy Store passes this inspection Ray will as soon as possible make an appearance downtown before a judge . If he has the money he will pay a fine totalling in excess of $3000 . Finally the closure notice will be  removed .

Wow, this is harsh! Someone as nice as Ray doesn't deserve this.
Ay..no time for a benefit then. He needs some cold, hard cash now.
I agree with Marty! Fingers crossed for the best...
effing DOH can't shut down ray's from selling ray's gear


so go support ray's
i would like to donate cash. i don't have the whole thing (i wish) but i definitely want to give more than is called for on the cafe press site. any advice on how/where i could do this?
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