Thursday, May 19, 2011


Thursday Morning at Ray's Front Window .

 Ray had been cleaning all night long . As we approached Ray's front window around noon he was busy explaining to an employee that she still need not come to work .She had called because she needs to work , she needs the money .

Earlier a cabby friend had taken Ray downtown to 253 Broadway to the Dept of Health and Mental Hygiene . Ray believed that the mouse report in his hand ,received from the exterminator the day before , was all the documentation that he needed . Wrong , he was told . He needs a receipt from an exterminator for a total pest treatment , proof that spraying  and all other anti-pest treatments had been performed . All time and travel this morning a waste for Ray,

The inspection performed yesterday according to Ray produced even more violations than the first inspection .There will be another inspection tomorrow. God only knows how many more and when after that .No way of knowing today when Ray will again be legally open for business .

According to Ray , he will have to appear before an administrative judge May 31 ,June 28 and July 1 . Right now its not at all clear how much Ray will have to pay in fines  but the sum will without doubt amount to several thousands of dollars .

We have to say here  that though we are aware that Ray is not without fault what this city is doing to him and to other small businesses is wrong .With this soulless ravenous beast of a city administration at the door of every small business regularly , few will survive . This is not the way of  responsible , accountable , good and just government Mr. Mayor !

Welcome to the world of NYC small business! This is how it is for everyone. Constant harassment from clueless inspectors, than uncaring sloth-like beauracrats to make things even more difficult.
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