Monday, May 30, 2011


Man Shot Friday Night on 12th Street Near Avenue C

We're a little late with this  post . Recently in conversations with Police Dept. officials it was confirmed that a young man, 18 or so years of age , took a round in his arm pit Friday night on 12th street near avenue C . These same officials noted that 2 rounds were discharged . No word was given regarding the condition of the victim nor whether anyone was taken into custody and charged with shooting the young man .

This shooting , according to officials , occurred near the Social Security Administration office on 12th street . Just on the other side the Campos Plaza building on the opposite side of 12th street , through a breezeway , in the Campos commons area stands a temporary guard tower . This guard tower , now with its view partially obscured by tree leaves , was placed in the commons area of Campos Plaza to deter gang activities and other criminal action.

Thanks for posting, I wondered why the police were suddenly present in Campos Plaza. About a month ago the the circle was yellow-taped and two cruisers were parked there keeping people out of the area. Then that big viewing platform appeared.
dianeb , from where I stand I see some problems ahead in the EV . People should know about this and should be talking about it all .
Great reporting, Bob!
Marty , there's more to come . More is happening than is being reported . Especialy in parts of Brooklyn .

Last night I had some serious encounters with some elements of the problem . Glad the cops were there
This is all good to know Bob. Sometimes I feel like I drift into a false sense of safety, I'll keep my eyes open around the EV when I'm there at night.
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