Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Johnny Bizarre's Tongue and Other Things

For real ? Yes , we winced at the sight and sound of it all . Mouse traps snap , you know , with deadly results for small furry mammals . Johnny though  seemed to just ,we are tempted to say "grin and bear it ", but how can you grin with your tongue in a mouse trap .The imaginings of what the pain had to be were troubling . Johnny though just stood there quietly with his damned rodent trap contraption hanging from his tongue.

Johnny also displayed his collection of cut nails , and some very shiny 20 penny nails too .He claims that during his act , Johnny is a performer , he sticks the nails up his nose ... and up his penis too .

This Monday evening on avenue A , L.E.S. Jewels and Johnny were hangin' together . Jewels chimed in that Johnny was teaching him how to stick nails up his penis .He said he had yet to learn how to get the nail all the way up his penis . Jewels said though that he will continue to work at it until he can go all the way . Interesting what boys alone with their phalli will do .

Wow, troubling indeed but a great photo! Where does Johnny perform? I'm jonesing for the game Mousetrap right now. Glad you revived this blog, it's very entertaining!
Marty I tell ya , its just one little slice of life after another . Befor you know it you've got a Dagwood sandwich .What do you do then ?
Speechless--what can I say????
@Bob: You eat the Dagwood and then go look for a Blondie!
Ah , I see ! Thanx Marty and a tip of the hat to ya!
I know you never really left what with your Nadie Se Canocie site and all, but it's nice to see you back here Bob!
Thanx NYCDreamin , as I've said before it was either do NMNL or smoke Krack
@Marty - if you're good, you can catch him at Mars.
@Goggla: Thanks for the tip! I'll look for him, I think I'm going a week after this Sunday. Stop by if you can!
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